Organising committee

The congress is organised by social insect scientists of the Centre de Recherches sur la Cognition Animale (CRCA) at the University Paul Sabatier – Toulouse III. The CRCA is well known for its interdisciplinary and comparative research on social behaviour and cognition at both the individual and collective levels.




Mathieu Lihoreau (coord.) 

Aurore Avargues-Weber

Audrey Dussutour

Jean Marc Devaud  

Martin Giurfa

Tamara Gomez-Moracho

 Vincent Fourcassié (coord.)

Christian Jost

Stephane Kraus

Jean-Paul Lachaud

Gérard Latil

Coline Monchanin

 Raphaël Jeanson (coord.)

Pierre Moretto

Guy Theraulaz

Severine Trannoy

Antoine Wystrach  

Marie Ange Albouy (UPS)


Scientific committee


The scientific committee is composed of representatives from all European IUSSI sections. It is involved in building the scientific program. A big thank you to them!


Serge Aron - Free University of Brussels - Belgium 

Sylvia Cremer - Institute of Science and Technology - Austria

Cristina Castracani - University of Parma - Italy

Patrizia D’Ettore - University Paris 13 - France

Claire Detrain - Free University of Brussels -  Belgium  

Christoph Grüter-  Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz - Germany

Juergen Heinze - Regensburg University -  Germany

Elli Leadbeater - Royal Holloway University of London - UK

Tom Wenseelers - Catholic University of Leuven – Belgium




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