Program overview




The conference will host 13 thematic symposia. Several free sessions will also be organised.

Symposium 1: Sensory ecology, foraging and nutritional homeostasis in social insects                                                Organized by Sara Arganda, Audrey Dussutour, Sara Leonhardt

Symposium 2: New advances in imaging tools and techniques to understand functional morphology and biomechanics in social insects                                                                                                                                                                             Organized by Christian Peeters, Vincent Fourcassié

Symposium 3: Community ecology in social insects                                                                                                         Organized by Xim Cerdá, Ionat Tausan

Symposium 4: Diversity, plasticity and evolution of communication in insect societies                                                Organized by Luca Pietro Casacci, Alessandro Cini, Volker Nehring

Symposium 5: When, why and how does sociality re-shape life history trade-offs?                                                      Organized by Alice Séguret, Boris Kramer, Romain Libbrecht, Judith Korb

Symposium 6: Developmental plasticity of holometabolous social insects                                                                    Organized by Eva Schultner, Jan Oettler

Symposium 7: Social life under environmental changes                                                                                                     Organized by Claudie Doums, Mathieu Molet, Thibaud Monnin

Symposium 8: From genes to ecosystems: evolutionary biology of networks                                                               Organized by Claire Morandin, Pierre Nouhaud, Jonna Kulmuni

Symposium 9: Division of labour: regulation and underlying mechanisms                                                                     Organized by Guy Bloch, Ricarda Scheiner

Symposium 10: Epigenetics and gene regulation in social insects                                                                                  Organized by Tali Reiner Brodetzki, Uli Ernst, Romain Libbrecht, Laurent Keller

Symposium 11: Understanding social insect pollination: behavioural and genetic approaches                                    Organized by Simon Tierney, Olivia Bernauer, Michael Garratt, Anders Nielsen

Symposium 12: Symbionts of social insects                                                                                                                       Organized by Philipp Engel, Amélie Cabirol

Symposium 13: Nest architecture and collective building in social insects                                                                     Organized by Andréa Perna, Christian Jost, Guy Theraulaz

Round table: Workshop on possible global declines in social wasp populations                                                             Organized by Christopher Starr, Alain Dejean

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