Given the progression of the coronavirus epidemics (COVID-19), the intensification of confinement measures in many parts of the world, and the lack of visibility about the end of the crisis, it now seems very difficult to maintain the organisation of the EU-IUSSI congress in Toulouse this August. Even after the end of specific confinement actions, probably at different times in different countries, it is likely that travels and human interactions will remain regulated for several months making it difficult to hold any meeting.

After discussing with delegates of all European sections and the International Union, we decided to postpone the congress to 22-25 of August 2021, hoping for better times. Plenary speakers, symposium organizers, and invited symposium speakers will be asked to contribute again, as in the initial plan. 
Although many of you already submitted abstracts on the congress web site, normally no payment could have been done at this date. If you think you did so, please contact us (marie-angele.albouy@univ-tlse3.fr).

We are sure you will understand this difficult but important decision.   

The organizing committee 
Mathieu Lihoreau, 
Raphael Jeanson, 
Vincent Fourcassié, 
Marie-Ange Albouy,
Aurore Avargues-Weber,
Jean-Marc Devaud,
Audrey Dussutour,
Martin Giurfa,
Tamara Gomez-Moracho,
Christian Jost,
Stéphane Kraus,
Jean-Paul Lachaud,
Gérard Latil,
Coline Monchanin,
Pierre Moretto,
Guy Theraulaz,
Séverine Trannoy,
Antoine Wystrach,
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